Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Second Verse

Did you know there was a second verse to the National Anthem? This Marine did, and he delivered it with gusto!

May we all subscribe to the Marine motto: Sempre Fi. May we all be Always Faithful!

Isn't it time we stopped behaving like we don't understand what is happening and start doing something about it. America has become a nation just like the people in the story about the emperor who had no clothes. Everyone pretended that the emperor was clothed because none wanted to be the first to point out the obvious embarrasment.

America has declined so quickly that it is mind boggling. We must take action now to return to our foundations before the foundations are totally destroyed. This nation was founded on Christian principles. That is not just my opinion, but an objective fact for anyone who cares to actually examine the record of our founding and our early history.

I for one an ready to tackle the job, and I hope everyone who reads this wil likewise be motivated to stand up and take action. Enough is enough!

Copyright 2011. Bill Fisher. All rights reserved.

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