Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Need To Stay Focused

The Iowa Caucus was last night, and the blogs went ballistic about the outcome. The media that reported on it went all out. This morning everyone was abuzz about whether Perry will stay in or quit, whether Bachmann will quit now. As the day went along, it seemed clear that Bachmann would quit and Perry would stay in. All of this is interesting, but the Iowa Caucus is not the election.

While the outcome of the race for President is important, indeed this is one of the most critical elections maybe ever, it is not the only race that is crucial to the future of America. Regardless of whomever is elected President, we absolutely must have a House and Senate that will protect the rights of all the people, not just the underdog, and which understands their highest prriority is to promote a free-market economy with a minium of government regulation and involvment. We need a Congress that respects the Constitution and the limitations imposed upon it by that Constitution.

We have an opportunity to take control of the Senate, and perhaps even an opportunity to elect a veto-proof majority or one that is close enough with a few right thinking Democrats to override a veto. Clearly, we must retain the majority in the House and even increase that majority. If we do these two things, we win regardless of which Republican is the next President, and especially if O should win a second term. Don’t get me wrong. I think O being elected to a second term would be terrible. I can think of nothing worse than having to endure him for another four years. But, we must remain focused on our goal. Our goal is to return our country to the one we started out with and not the one that the socialist agenda has been building for the last 100 years.

This mess didn’t just happen when GWB was President, or Clinton, or GHWB, or any of the Presidents of recent vintage. This has been building since the late 19th century and has been accelerating since the early 20th centuiry. Roosevelt’s New Deal was not the beginnnig but the culmination of a long record of socialist influence in high places in Europe and America. Most of us have known nothing but a gradual encroachment of socialism into our system of government for all of our lives.

It is time we got focused on the big picture. Iowa is not even a true blip on the radar screen. No delegates were commited last night to any candidate. In fact, delegates from Iowa won’t be selected until after almost all of the other true primaries. We have fallen victim to the mainstream media propoganda machine that Iowa matters. The Iowa Caucus system is no different from the usual precinct convention system most of us know in our own states. Delegates are selected at the precinct convention/Iowa caucus to go to the county convention, where delegates will be selected to go to the state convention, where delegates will be selected to go the national convention. Only after this process will delegates from Iowa be committed.

Watching the coverage last night on both Fox and CNN one had the impression that this was the big one, the election that will determine the Republican nominee. It was not the big one, except in the minds of the media pundits who needed something to do last night.

Let us stay focused on the truly important outcomes.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Good point. We need to concentrate on electing conservatives to the House and Senate in 2012.