Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What About the Religious Left?

We hear a lot about the "Religious Right" but what about the Religious Left? Is there such a thing, or is it just a made-up name used by the "Religious Right" to get attention off themselves?

There is such a thing as the Religious Left, and they have been steadily eating away at the very foundations of Christianity for the past 25 years. Their insidious activities have crippled every mainline church in America and in Europe. Their liberal theology has accepted the theology of every other religion on the face of the earth in the name of tolerance. love, and acceptance.

The damage they have done is evident in the declining membership of every mainline denomination in America, with the possible exception of the Baptist Church and the Assembly of God Church. Liberal theology has given way to liberal politics and liberal philosophy so much that conservative Christians find themselves being attacked for their orthodox faith. To remain true to the "faith once delivered" is tantamount to being a heretic in today’s liberal religious hierarchy. Instead of the liberals, who have left the faith, being the heretic, the adversary has turned it upside down so that the conservatives who have remained faithful are the heretics and are singled out for ridicule.

It’s time for the laity to rise up and take back their churches from bishops and others in authority in the hierarchy of their churches. It can be done, and this message will explore a few ways to get the ball rolling.

I remember in the 1980's when the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church, of which I was a member then, issued a "Pastoral Letter" to be read in all the churches. When our rector read the letter in our parish, I was incensed. So incensed was I that I wrote the Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops a letter telling them they needed to stick with theology because they knew less than nothing about politics or national defense. I was also at the time a lobbyist and I did know a thing or two about the subjects the wrote so knowingly about. A short time after I sent the letter, my rector received a call from the Presiding Bishop’s office to inquire about who I was. This shook up the rector quite a bit since he was young and had been a rector only a short time.

The laity are going to have to revolt against these left-leaning pseudo-intellectuals and take back our churches. To start with, we are going to have to get involved in our local church government. Serving on boards, commission, and counsels, we are going to have to speak up against the idiotic suggestions that come down to us from on high about new programs and especially about social and political actions by our church bureaucracies. We are going to have to become out-spoken representatives from our churches and parishes to annual conferences, diocesan conferences, and other regional gatherings. Then we are going to have to go the general conferences, general conventions, and other national and international meetings of our churches and speak out against the true heresies that come from them.

This first in a series of messages merely opens the door. Any opinions are welcome, but beware, the writer is an orthodox Christian and will very aggressively defend the "faith once delivered" from attack from the left.

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